Insurance broker "Vanguard" Specialist insurance and reinsurance businesses and individuals. Our company offers comprehensive maintenance programs in the field of insurance and reinsurance, which allows us to offer strong security and high level of service with minimal user program. Programs developed by our company, based on the experience of foreign companies, including the specific nature of the Kazakhstan market.
"Avangard" has all the power and knowledge of the market of services, offering reliable protection of the interests of their clients. We work across the spectrum of insurance services, provided local and foreign insurance companies - from compulsory motor insurance to health insurance and property insurance.
Our partners in the insurance:
JSC "Subsidiary JSC" BTA Bank "IC" London-Almaty ";
JSC "IC" NOMAD Insurance ";
JSC "IC" Kommesk-Omir ";
JSC "IC« Amanat insurance »;
JSC "IC" Alliance Policy ";
JSC "IC" Alatau ";
JSC "Subsidiary of BTA Bank" BTA Insurance ";
JSC "Export Credit Insurance Corporation" KazExportGarant ";
JSC "IC" Eurasia ";
JSC "Insurance Company« STANDARD »(former name - JSC Insurance Company" Astana-Finance ");
JSC "Subsidiary Insurance Company of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" Halyk - Kazakhinstrakh ";
JSC "Subsidiary" Nurbank "IC" Nurpolicy ";
JSC "IC" Centras Insurance ";
JSC "Kazakhstan Chartis Insurance Company" (the former name - JSC "NC" Kazakhstan AIG ");
JSC "Insurance Company" Astana-Finance ";
JSC "subsidiary company" Tsesnabank "Insurance Company" Tsesna Guarantor ";
JSC "Insurance Company" Kazkommerts Policy "(subsidiary of JSC" Kazkommertsbank ");
JSC "DK JSC« Kaspi Bank »« IC «Almaty International Insurance Group";
JSC "IC« Kompetenz »(formerly-up to the European joint-stock company« Allianz SE »JSC IC« Allianz Kazakhstan »).