Liability insurance

Liability insurance
Liability insurance is one of the most important areas of insurance where object insured is liability before third parties. Insurance event occurs when third parties are suffering from material loss in the result of action or omission from the insured.
The goal of liability insurance herewith is to protect (effect insurance) economic interests of the persons who can potentially cause harm. Bad surprises can appear in different situations with any person whether at working place, at the car or motorcycle, in the apartment, in the summer house. Moral responsibility lies on the person itself but material responsibility can be putted on the insurance company.

Civil liability insurance
Civil liability insurance is the type of insurance where object of the contract is responsibility before third parties for possible inflicted harm. For example, civil liability insurance reasonably to conduct with: motor cars owners; owners of residential, production and storage buildings; large entertainment events owners; trade organization owners; persons engaged in private practice. It is very expedient to minimize losses that can appear for example, during exploitation and maintaining of residential buildings and land plots, different earthworks, construction and repairing works. After paying small amount and putting responsibility to insurance company it is possible to avoid unexpected but possible high expenses.
Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance allows representatives of certain professions protecting themselves from necessity to satisfy material claims from the clients of patients. In particular doctor’s professional liability insurance is insurance against mistakes but it is necessary to prove that doctor used all his knowledge, experience and honestly performed his duties. Claims from patients and clients on the basis of agreement are managed by insurance company. It is necessary to point out that insurance payment will be made in case of legal liability only rather than moral. Nowadays in most cases doctors, pharmacist, notaries, lawyers and architects cannot get a license for their practice until they present professional liability insurance policy.   
Security organization’s liability insurance
Security organization’s liability insurance is spread all over the world from long ago. Such type of insurance does not allow disputes in case if emergency situation appeared by fault of security organization in general and its employees in particular and that situation lead to material losses and harm to health and life of people(client and third parties). Security organization’s liability insurance is quite new type of insurance in Kazakhstan but has become very popular. For the last years services in the area of security of property, different objects and lives have become high-demanding in Kazakhstan and at the moment there are a lot of security companies on the market. It is important for them to exclude sad surprises therefore contract on insurance of liability before clients will be just to the purpose. Besides such contract impress clients favorably and increases the image of the company.
When insuring any type of liability insurance company practices individual approach to each client since each person has its own needs.