Useful information about insurance and reinsurance

Employees of “Avangard” company are specialist in the insurance market with considerable working experience. During our work on that market we have accumulated extensive base of knowledge and cases that we do hope will be useful both to our clients and web-site visitors.

What is deductible?


Deductible is personal participation of Insured in loss indemnification.
For example: Price of the car is 10 000 US Dollars, unconditional deductible is 200 US Dollar when loss amounts to 6 000 US Dollars.The payment will be: 6 000 – 200 = 5 800 US Dollars.

What is insurance amount and how it is calculated?


Amount of money sated in the Agreement within which Insurer is responsible for execution of its obligations under Agreement. Insurance amount is limit of Insurer’s responsibility.