Medical insurance

Medical insurance is type of personal insurance that guarantees receiving of medical assistance and compensation of expenses for medicines at the expense of  insurance company when insurance event occurrence.

Medical insurance types are the types where object insured is property interests connected with life, health, capacity to works of the insured or insured person.

There are a lot of medical insurance programs that stipulate recovery of medical expenses for treatment. Apart from coverage of all medical expenses you are guaranteed with high servicing level in private and public clinics and hospitals. Generally voluntary medical insurance programs are not standard (unless it is corporate employees insurance) they have to be designed individually and can be formed as constructor depending on your needs and demands.

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) comprises:

  • Institutional care – consultations, researches, surgical and medical treatment, payment of hospital stay, medications providing.
  • Ambulatory care – consultations, calling a doctor, sick leave certificate issuance, diagnostics.
  • Providing, payment and delivery of medicines and medicinal products.
  • Emergency medical care – visit of “first aid”, examination, emergency medical service, medicaments providing, transportation.
  • Dental care – examination and consultation; medical surgical treatment, X-ray examination, anesthesia.

Comprehensive programs of medical insurance include protection against unexpected expenses connected with payment of medical care and medicines in case of disease, indemnification in case of trauma, disability or death.

Voluntary medical insurance of legal bodies.

Employees medical insurance is not only cost-effective, thanks to tax allowances, way of solving the problem relating to protection of health and employees diseases prevention but also an important part of the image of successfully developing company. Also it is effective instrument for attraction or holding of qualified employees. Quantity and variety of medical services provided within the frame of voluntary employees medical insurance are differ depending on chosen insurance program. Each company chooses services needed individually on the basis of their needs and budget and can comprise the following types of medical care:

Possibility to call a doctor;

Institutional treatment in the clinic;

Possibility to get beauty doctor services;

Medicinal providing;

Dental services;

Pediatrician and other children’s doctor services;

Certificates from health resorts, certificates for Institutions of Higher Education, medical certificates for swimming pools and other health-improving courses.

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI of employees) is one the most difficult types among all types of insurance and one of the most important.

Many years experience of our employees in the area of voluntary medical insurance allows minimizing risks of choosing unqualified insurer and ensuring high level service of clients addressing to us.

In addition we recommend including insurance against accident and illness into the social package. We can say with full confidence that this symbiosis fully protects against unforeseen expenses connected with the health. And that fact increases loyalty of the personnel towards the employer sufficiently.