Property insurance

Property insurance

Almost nobody can feel safe during economic crisis. The reason for that is difficulty in money earning especially for valuable things. Different types of insurance such as: enterprises and legal bodies property insurance, citizens property insurance, agricultural enterprises obligatory real estate insurance, and etc. are widely spread in Kazakhstan. All that gives confidence in safety of individuals and legal bodies property and production.

Citizens property insurance

The risk of fire and robbery is increasing. Individual’s property insurance gives people certain confidence in future. Insurance companies offer wide choice of insurance products. In Kazakhstan citizen’s property insurance can be issued for everything: car, apartment, summer house, and garage. Insurance of property of citizens serves as guarantee of their safety.

When insuring real estate of individuals it is possible to insure movables inside the apartment: audio equipment, household equipment, furniture, art objects, antiques. Such property insurance is also insures confidence in future.

Often cases when real estate is damaged by third parties. For example, your neighbors from above flood you and your interior furnishing and furniture are damaged. In such case object insured will be property interests. Insurance company shall be responsible for accidental or unintentional damage to property insured. Both constructed housing and housing in process of construction can be insured. In that case insurance company provides indemnity guarantees from possible decreasing of construction process speed or its full termination, non-conformity of build housing to one that was previously agreed. Also guarantees indemnification of funds for construction in case of constructing company activity termination.


Enterprises and legal bodies property insurance

Enterprises and legal bodies property insurance is reliable guarantee of business protection. Property insurance in Kazakhstan allows minimizing risk of any financial losses. Enterprises property insurance is conducted in several directions: insurance against equipment failure and forced downtime, insurance of property in case of forced downtime of equipment, insurance of electronic equipment, insurance of property right, insurance from all risks for the whole period of production any works. All capital and current assets are accepted for insurance: buildings, motor transport of enterprise, raw materials, glasses, goods in warehouse of ready product and raw materials and many others. 

Enterprises and legal bodies property insurance is protection from fires, explosions, natural disasters, robbery, disabling of equipment by reason of illegal actions, loss of property right, breakdowns in MEP.